Privacy policy


Christopoulos Consultancy B.V. (CC) values the proper use of personal information as is prescribed by applicable privacy rules and legislation. This privacy statement explains what happens to your (personal) information, e.g. when visiting our website.

1. Purpose of using (personal) information
Your personal data is being processed by CC with the purpose to enter into and carry out agreements concluded between you and CC relating to the provision of (legal and other) services and/or advice, primarily within the fields as described under the chapter “Expertise” on this website. Such data and information can be used to (further) optimise our services and to manage and (further) improve our relation with you as a client. Personal data will be stored by us only as long as is required to be able to properly fulfil the obligations we have under our agreement with you, for the purposes set out in this privacy statement and to comply with the record retention policy and rules set forth in our general conditions and resulting from applicable laws.

2. Marketingactivities and (cookie) tracking
To facilitate our marketing activities, general information is being stored of each visitor to our website. Such information related inter alia to your IP-address, the time of your visit and other information provided by the visitor’s browser. This information is registered and used for statistical analyses and general visitor conduct on our website (e.g. which items have been viewed). These data are anonimised as much as possible. In addition, this information can be used to maintain proper client relations, e.g. by communications to clients on new products and/or services provided by CC.
CC’s website uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from (pages on) a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s browser, enabling CC to inter alia analyse the patterns and behaviour of website visitors with the aim to improve our services to you.

3. Security
CC protects the information entrusted to it by means of techincal and administrative security measures in order to minimise the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorised acces, publication and/or changes to such information. Such measures can include the use of firewalls, encryption of data and the use of both physical and administrative access verifications including the data itself and the servers it is stored on. If you have reasonable grounds to assume that despite these measures, any information relating to you has been compromised, you can contact us at all times (following the procedure set forth in item 5 below).

4. Information rights
As a client or contact of CC, you have the right to file a written request (by post or e-mail) to receive a copy of your personal information stored by CC. If the overview of stored information on you contains factual errors, you have the right to request revision or deletion of this information. Also, you have the right to inform us in writing that you no longer wish to receive information about our products and/or services. CC does not provide personal information to third parties, unless it is obligated to do so as a result of applicable law(s). CC has the right to engage third parties who process personal information under the supervision of CC. Those third parties act under the responsibility of CC and are not authorised to change or amend the information received from us. This privacy statement only applies to CC’s website and not to websites or platforms of any third parties.

5. Contact
Any questions or requests relating to the use of personal information can be submitted to us in writing by post or by e-mail to:
Christopoulos Consultancy B.V.
Attn. N. Christopoulos
Kiefkampsweg 11
8166 JW Emst
By e-mail: info@christopoulos-consultancy.nl

6. Changes to this privacy statement
CC reserves the right to amend or change this privacy statement. Any amendments and/or changes shall be published on CC’s website (www.christopoulos-consultancy.nl).