Areas of Expertise

Christopoulos Consultancy offers advisory services in respect of the following areas:

Contract law
Review and drafting of various commercial contracts. Advising in respect of the negotiation phase leading up to the execution of the agreement (and aborting negotiations) and on the interpretation of existing agreements, e.g. with respect to (non-)compliance or claims under warranties.

Corporate Governance
Advising on the efficient set up and (re)structuring of existing and/or new legal group structures, and in particular providing for a set of clear and practical rules to record the division of power as between management, supervisory board and shareholder(s). Extensive experience in advising on (application and consequences of) the Dutch structure regime, i.e. the mandatory application for large Dutch companies of a two-tier structure with a separate obligatory supervisory board.

Providing legal support to seller, buyer, company and/or shareholders during acquisition processes, comprising both asset and share deals. Reviewing, drafting and negotiating various ancillary agreements, including non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, term sheets, share sale and purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, etc.

Joint ventures
Reviewing and drafting various joint venture agreements.

Legal (re)structuring(s)
Advising on the corporate law aspects of (intra-group) restructurings. Providing advice on Dutch civil and corporate law aspects of international restructurings.

Participations and investments
Advising investors on legal aspects of proposed investments. Careful recording of arrangements made, e.g. in shareholders’ agreements. Advising on efficient set up of management (and employee) incentive schemes (incl. option arrangements).

Corporate law
Advising on various matters of (general) corporate law (book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code) insofar as relating to Dutch limited liability companies (BV and NV), including director’s liability, liability of supervisory board members, pre-emption provisions, reduction of share capital, representation issues and application of the structure regime / structure companies.